Maximizing Organic Visibility for LPGA’s Global Fan Base


Since the 1800s, American fans have celebrated their top national players in professional sports leagues. For most of our nation’s history, those players were men. And then, in 1973, Title IX was passed, boosting participation in, and the visibility of, women’s sports.

Fast forward 50 years (Happy 50th Anniversary, Title IX!) and the landscape is full of thriving women’s collegiate, amateur, and professional sports leagues. Today, while many major American-based leagues still showcase home-grown talent, one sports organization has taken a different path and has become the UN of sports: the Ladies Professional Golf Association, better known as the LPGA. Today, approximately 75% of the LPGA’s players come from abroad, and the organization hosts multiple tournaments throughout the world. As a result, like many other women’s sports, the LPGA is growing in popularity here and elsewhere.

With the growing demand for watching women’s sports, female golfers, especially, have become known to worldwide audiences. Below is a graph from Google Trends that measures the popularity of specific search terms on Google and YouTube on a scale of 1-100, with 100 being the highest. The interest in and around the LPGA grew in the days leading up to and during the LPGA Championship. It was one of the most popular search terms across Google on the last day of the championship (6/25) with interest peaking at 100.

Source: Google Trends

Creating localized, relevant, and compelling sports content at the scale and speed needed to keep up with the tournament is almost impossible. Data Skrive was able to generate articles for all golfers, at all times, and rank in the top results of the SERPs maximizing the organic visibility of relevant and compelling women’s golf content when it mattered most for sports fans.

Focusing on high-value, long-tail queries like “stream womens pga championship saturday,” Data Skrive’s articles occupy two of the three Google Top Stories, effectively amplifying the promotion and visibility of the tournament.Naturally, betting on women’s sports is also gaining in popularity. During the LPGA Championship, Data Skrive actively covered a substantial amount of search queries related to “betting” and “odds”, and in real-time, we were able to produce articles that not only occupied the Quick Answers, but top positions in the SERPs when interest was at its highest.

Keep an eye out for upcoming installments in our Women in Sports blog series and how Data Skrive effectively amplifies the influence of women’s sports by delivering engaging content to fans when it matters most. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding how your organization can effectively distribute content on a large scale.

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