Content on Demand: SIDEARM and Data Skrive Partner to Streamline Content Creation for Teams, Saving Hundreds of Hours


Seattle, WA—For the past three years, in partnership with Data Skrive, SIDEARM Sports has been at the forefront of using generative AI to enhance fan experiences within college athletics. This groundbreaking partnership is redefining the landscape of fan engagement and saving athletic departments hundreds of hours of content creation time.

SIDEARM Sports and Data Skrive leverage the latest innovations in generative artificial intelligence (AI) for content automation. With a combined track record of excellence in sports content delivery, this dynamic duo disrupts the industry like never before. Their commitment to innovation and dedication to delivering high-quality content have earned them a reputation as pioneers in the field.

“We’re thrilled to partner with SIDEARM Sports and combine their powerful content management system (CMS) with our Fan Engagement Solution,” says Data Skrive’s CEO Brad Weitz. “Together with SIDEARM Sports, we’re setting a new standard for real-time content delivery, giving fans an unparalleled sports experience.”

One of the partnership’s standout achievements is the rapid delivery of game and match recaps. SIDEARM Sports, in conjunction with Data Skrive, currently provides recap content for eight sports, including Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Women’s Volleyball, Baseball, and Softball, with plans to expand further.

With exclusive integration into the SIDEARM CMS, creating accurate match recaps is easier than ever. What sets the partnership apart is its ability to deliver this content within seconds of a game or match concluding, giving fans instant access to the excitement and highlights they crave.

In an industry where fan engagement is paramount, SIDEARM Sports and Data Skrive are filling a critical gap. No other companies in the space offer the same level of real-time, AI-powered content delivery.

Key Partnership Highlights:

  • Generative AI Expertise: SIDEARM Sports has an impressive three-year track record of successfully implementing generative AI in college athletics.
  • Expansive Sports Coverage: Currently, the partnership covers recap content for eight sports, with plans for further expansion to cater to diverse fan bases.
  • Instantaneous Content Delivery: All recap content is delivered within seconds of a game or match concluding, ensuring fans stay engaged and informed in real time.
  • Freeing Up Athletic Staff: Sports Information Directors and Athletic Departments can integrate Generative AI into their recap content creation process to save time and free up resources for other uses.

This partnership showcases how data and technology can partner to reshape how fans consume sports content while also freeing up valuable time for teams’ athletic departments. 

Fans, sports enthusiasts, colleges, and industry stakeholders can look forward to an exciting future where AI-driven content automation takes center stage, making every game and match a memorable experience.

About SIDEARM Sports

Operating in the LEARFIELD portfolio of companies since June 2014, SIDEARM Sports is the nation’s leading digital provider for college athletics. Based in Syracuse, N.Y., and founded in 2000 by Jeff Rubin, who continues to lead the business, SIDEARM is trusted by some of the industry’s biggest brands, including most NCAA programs and Power Five athletic departments.

As a leader in digital fan engagement, SIDEARM Sports provides the best-in-class software and technology that powers websites, mobile applications, OTT media services, live stats, video streaming, and more for its partners. Clients continue to trust SIDEARM for its support, reliability, customization, and easy-to-use interface, which allows schools to tailor their content and digital presence directly to their fans.

About Data Skrive

Data Skrive is revolutionizing how the world’s leading sports, media, and betting brands drive fan engagement through online content. With our nationwide Fan Engagement Network, sponsors can directly interact with sports fans through captivating, relevant, and SEO-friendly content that fosters loyalty, encourages repeat visits, and improves engagement. For more information, email us at For press inquiries, email

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