OTT Platforms

Put the viewer at the center of an immersive fan experience with sports content at scale.

Keep fans coming back for more

Keep fans coming back for more

Serve major and untapped fan communities

Reach every avid sports fan and give them the opportunity to watch sports seamlessly, no matter where they are

Leverage our Fan Engagement Network to engage the largest audience in the world with hyperlocal and relevant content

Curate target audiences when fans self-select which sports, teams, and players they follow​

Drive new subscribers

All the information fans need to watch the game

Provide all the information needed to watch the game and serve content about the event, including time, date, TV channel, and stats for both teams.

Customize offers across content

Use call-to-action (CTA) links to a streaming platform or other TV provider and customize offers by state, DMA, and more.

Boost engagement and fan loyalty

Watching sports is the ultimate social experience. Fans of all ages want to watch sporting events and interact with each other. Data Skrive offers an excellent solution to put the fans at the center of the viewing experience and make every game immersive.

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