It’s the Era of Women’s Sports… and We’re Here for It!


The year 2023 witnessed a watershed moment for women’s sports, marked by record-breaking viewership and historic achievements by remarkable athletes. From the electrifying atmosphere of the FIFA Women’s World Cup to the unparalleled success of individual athletes, 2023 solidified the growing interest and demand for equality in the sporting landscape. 

Major Accomplishments & Key Events

  • FIFA Women’s World Cup: This global sporting event shattered expectations, drawing record-breaking viewership and attendance. The final match, between England and Spain, saw 53.9 million viewers tune in, marking the highest single-match audience for any women’s sporting event ever.
  • NCAA Championship Game Shatters Records: The NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship final between Iowa and LSU drew nearly 10 million viewers.
  • Coco Gauff’s US Open Victory: At just 18 years old, Coco Gauff emerged as a champion at the US Open, defeating seasoned players. Her victory generated unprecedented media attention and further propelled women’s tennis into the spotlight.
  • College Athletes and Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Deals: In a step towards financial equality, women athletes dominated the NIL landscape in 2023. This development represents a crucial step towards closing the gender pay gap within sports.

Catalysts for Change in 2023

Several factors contributed to the remarkable rise of women’s sports in 2023:

  • Increased Media Coverage: Broadcasting networks dedicated more airtime to women’s sporting events, offering greater access and visibility to a wider audience. This shift in media focus fueled the growing fan base and fostered a sense of community among supporters.
  • Investment and Sponsorship: Recognizing the commercial potential of women’s sports, brands and sponsors began investing heavily in leagues, teams, and individual athletes. This financial support provided necessary resources for athletes and organizations, allowing them to enhance training facilities, professionalize operations, and elevate the overall quality of competition.
  • Social Media Growth: The power of social media played a big role in amplifying the voices of female athletes and building greater fan engagement. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok gave athletes a way to directly connect with their audiences, share their stories, and inspire young girls to pursue their athletic dreams.
  • Grassroots Efforts: At the grassroots level, initiatives aimed at promoting girls’ participation in sports saw significant growth. Organizations like the Women’s Sports Foundation and Girls Inc. played an important role in providing access to sports programs, mentorship opportunities, and role models for young girls, paving the way for future generations of athletes.

Moving to New Heights in 2024

The positive momentum from 2023 will continue well into 2024 and beyond. Here are some key trends to watch:

  • Continued Growth in Viewership and Revenue: With growing public interest, viewership numbers and sponsorship deals are expected to climb in 2024. In fact, Deloitte predicts that revenue generated by women’s elite sports will surpass US$1 billion for the first time. Leagues and broadcasters will likely capitalize on this trend by investing in high-quality production values and innovative broadcast formats to further enhance the viewing experience.
  • Focus on Sustainability and Growth: Building upon the successes of 2023, organizations will likely prioritize establishing sustainable infrastructure to support the long-term development of women’s sports. This could involve investing in youth development programs, establishing equitable pay structures, and championing a diverse and inclusive culture within sports organizations.
  • Technological Advancements: The integration of technology in officiating, training programs, and fan engagement is likely to become more prevalent in 2024. Utilizing technologies like artificial intelligence and data analytics can benefit athletes, coaches, and fans, leading to improved performance, informed decision-making, and a more personalized fan experience.
  • Global Expansion: The international appeal of women’s sports is expected to continue growing, with increased viewership and participation across the globe. Regional tournaments and international competitions will likely gain further traction, encouraging cultural exchange and inspiring young athletes worldwide.

The era of women’s sports is here…and we’re here for it!

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