It’s all in the details. How Data Skrive creates highly engaging, unique sports content for your site.


One question we often get from our potential customers is: “If you are producing the same content for our competitors, why would we want you to produce content for us?”

The simple answer is that we’re not producing the same content for any two customers. The full answer, however, is a bit more complex.

Opportunity Scoring: Where Do You Fit in the Sports Gambling Content World?

There is a TON of search volume around betting, trends, insights, tips, odds, parlays, prop bets, moneylines, predictions, previews, rankings, etc. More than enough for nearly any publisher to get a piece of the pie. That being said, if you are a smaller or less-established website, it can be difficult to compete with major, more-established websites.

That’s where our patented opportunity-scoring algorithm comes into play. We use this to identify search trends among longtail, less competitive, yet still highly valuable, keywords. For example, if you’re a sports betting content site, it’s easier to rank for “Aaron Rodgers red zone prop bets” than “Aaron Rodgers prop bets.” Similarly, “Titans vs. Packers live vegas odds” is easier to rank for than “NFL odds.” Interestingly, more than 70% of all searches are longtail queries (3+ words). The longer the keyword is, the easier it tends to be to rank for.

If your goal is to drive OTT streaming subscription trials, you can target “what channel,” “how to watch,” “free streaming,” “where to stream,” and a ton of other options that all drive traffic.

We take into account the strength of your website, the difficulty and search volume of keywords, and your business objectives when crafting your content.

Uniqueness and Content Scalability

Secondly, unique fan engagement content at scale is what we do best. Concerns about duplicate content are common. Yes, we are creating game betting previews and articles about how to watch a game or team for multiple customers, but they are not the same. We focus on differentiation and customized article template outlines, and we craft unique, optimized SEO meta tags and sub-headlines, focusing on attainable keywords for each individual customer. The end result is that no two articles are the same, with most being quite different.

We have the flexibility to use entirely different statistics, trends, and insights in an article, and we often replace content with tables and vice versa. The overall plan for two articles focusing on the same game is to ensure that unique longtail keyword combinations are being targeted, and different types of stats or trends are being used while varying the order in which similar content might appear.

The SERP Factor

It’s important to keep the diversity and complexity of search engine results pages (SERPs) in mind. The SERPs have come a long way from the 10 blue links you would get 15 years ago. From Quick Answers to Google Top Stories, the classic links to images, there is a lot of real estate on the SERP, as you can see in the image below. There are different strategies we employ for achieving these placements.

Additionally, Google results are personalized, not only based on location, but also based on search history and engagement. For example, one person may search “Kevin Durant scoring” on Google and have slightly different search results than someone else looking up the same thing. If one person has a history of engaging with betting websites or fantasy sports websites, and the other person has a history of looking at the same news site frequently, Google may customize the SERPs to fit what they think the person is looking for.

Finally, SERPs vary widely based on the search, even if it’s around a similar topic. For example, “Seahawks vs. 49ers betting preview” is likely to be different from “Seahawks player props” or “49ers vs. Seattle over/under prediction.” Depending on what someone is searching for, and how they type it into the search bar, the SERP is likely to be completely different.

The longer query is less competitive and easier to rank for. So being more specific is one thing that can help drive that traffic. The other is the uniqueness we talked about earlier. We work hard on the SEO tags, such as Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. This means that how the title of the article reads on the Google results pages will be different than CBS Sports, for example. So even if CBS Sports is ranking No. 1, Sports Betting Dime No. 2, and you’re ranking No. 3, some people are going to click on your site. It may not be as often as the No. 1 position, but it can still be significant. It takes time to build up authority and topical expertise in the eyes of Google. Creating enticing sports and sports gambling content at scale that gets strong user engagement is a great way to do that.

Helping Customers Grow

Our goal is to get your site into the SERPs and drive traffic for keywords which carry intent that not only align with your business goals, but are also realistically attainable based on the domain strength and expertise of your website.

We have hundreds of article types in our arsenal, which cover nearly every major sports league and nearly every topic that has the data to back it up. Our content library has grown 150% from 2022 to the beginning of 2023, and we are just getting started.

If you’re looking to drive more traffic through creating sports content at scale, please reach out!

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