Unlocking the Power of Generative AI: How Data Skrive is Revolutionizing Sports Content Creation


Here at Data Skrive, we have been closing following the developments in Generative AI for the last several years, and we’re always researching and developing improvements to help us continually provide the best experience for our customers and sports fans. We use generative AI as a ‘co-pilot’ to create engaging and insightful sports content at scale so that fans can read about their favorite players, teams, leagues, and sports at any time, all the time.

The common concern with using generative AI for content creation is the quality and accuracy of the content. While it’s true that generative AI technologies have encountered challenges related to content inaccuracies and ‘hallucinations,’ it’s important to recognize that AI tools are only as good as what the human user is asking them to do. 

To utilize an AI tool well, it’s helpful to narrow your focus and be intentional about what you’re asking and how you want the content displayed. If you’re using it at home or for your business, this type of method gives you the best content possible.

Here’s how we do  it.

How generative AI helps us create content

While we don’t use AI and Machine Learning for creating the sports articles that are ultimately delivered to readers, we go at it with a different approach and use AI in the assembly of content.

Our seasoned sports journalists have seeded and trained ‘libraries’ of words, phrases, clauses, sentences, and other language constructs that together comprise a proprietary language graph. All language output is safeguarded within our ‘gated’ language library, and all numerical outputs like stats, predictions, and futures come from sports data that we ingest.

The huge volume and complexity of the data we collect from search queries is analyzed by our patented Opportunity Scoring algorithm, where the right keyword and phrase combinations are identified for a specific web domain. The articles are then generated based on logical triggers to pull syntactical patterns from our libraries and data sources to assemble accurate articles for specific sites. This matches our content with user intent.

By doing this, it enables us to trust the way we use AI to become a true co-pilot in our system. Utilizing our powerful solution, combined with our in-house team of experts, improves site ranking and increases traffic for our customers by generating thousands of unique articles for every player, team, league, and sport.

What does AI look like in action?

Once our co-pilot has determined the logical triggers, it will search our language library and league data to generate vast amounts of diverse content with distinct prose, narrative styles, and writing that sports fans will find valuable.

Our articles take aim at readers who are interested in a variety of sports topics, including: how to watch, injury reports, player props, predictions, fantasy stats, and betting previews – just to name a few.

The benefits of using generative AI for content creation

Writing, updating, and maintaining content takes a considerable amount of time, with most companies barely scratching the surface to cover all sporting events year-round. If you can produce quality content faster, you can allocate resources to more featured stories, interviews, podcasts, and a host of other ideas on your to-do lists.

Where do we go from here?

While we continually review new Generative AI technologies, to date there are no other models for sports fans that can provide the consistent, best-in-class solution our partners rely on. As such, we continue to use AI as a fantastic co-pilot for efficiency and speed.

About Data Skrive

Data Skrive is revolutionizing how the world’s leading sports, media, and betting brands drive fan engagement through online content. With our nationwide Fan Engagement Network, sponsors can directly interact with sports fans through captivating, relevant, and SEO-friendly content that fosters loyalty, encourages repeat visits, and improves engagement. For more information, email us at info@dataskrive.com. For press inquiries, email press@dataskrive.com.

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