Create, deliver, and scale hyperlocal sports content that’s valuable to your fans


Clichés become clichés because they’re just fundamentally true and useful mnemonics that can be applied to our everyday lives and work. The repetitive “Location, location, location” has been used in sitcoms, cartoons, and boardrooms everywhere, but it’s based on a proven fact: Almost everything in life depends on location.

This is especially true online, where brands and companies are in daily battles to be in the top spot on search engine results pages (SERPs), on someone’s home screen or notifications, in someone’s email inbox, or otherwise positioned to catch eyeballs with their content and messages.

That’s where Data Skrive steps in, with our ability to deliver localized fan engagement solutions. That sounds like buzzword soup, so what does it really mean?

Let’s break down what we are trying to say when we tell you we can deliver localized content.

Right place, right time

When you’re engaging with sports fans, it’s easy to get caught up in chasing the latest trend. Did ESPN publish their latest NFL Mock Draft? Time to post a “local” reaction to your hometown team and engage with a more specific audience than the wide net being cast by the big, multinational publication.

The same goes for breaking news, where often local reporters and bloggers can use their voices to echo the news from a national news-breaker and pass along more specific implications for that local market.

However, if you manage a website or network of web properties, it can be really hard to keep up with this hyper-local content since the sports calendar is so non-stop and honestly has unlimited potential for creating new and interesting local angles of stories.

The avid sports reader wants to get as much about a game or story as they can, while the casual, local sports reader just wants to know how the news impacts their interests. Both can be accomplished by operating at scale and delivering content around every game, every team, and the best players on those teams.

That’s what we do.

Scaling up

As I discussed in a previous blog post about scalability, Data Skrive’s Fan Engagement Solution means we’re able to generate articles and other content around every game in a given sport or league. So to engage with bettors in a particular state, we quickly and easily get you up and running with editorially sound, interesting, and factual articles that can surround a call to action to a sportsbook partner in that state for games being played by teams from that state.

The same goes for any call to action or other initiatives you might have. Selling merchandise for each team? We can send out articles for those teams’ games and include your link. The same goes for over-the-top streaming services and live TV platforms, daily fantasy operators, podcast subscriptions, or anything else you might want to include in an article directed to fans of a certain team or readers in a certain area.

That’s because we go wide and can deliver to any or every team in a league, so whether you target just the SEC or all of FBS football, it makes no difference to us, just tell us whom you want to engage with and what messaging you want to be included and we’ll do the rest.

We can do the same for networks of sites that cover different locales or teams, too. If you manage a collection of blogs or domains that focus on specific places or clubs or localized interests, we can spread out our content across these domains and ensure that the right content gets to the right place at the right time.

Root, root, root for the home team

We don’t stop at making sure you have content for the right team at the right time, though. Our in-house SEO team will make sure that we’ve optimized your deliverables as much as possible, which includes putting a spotlight on the home team in the market we’re targeting.

Our SEO Strategist, Ben Brockhaus, told me that “understanding the location and search history of the user can really impact the SERPS.” This means if we’re able to match the intent of the domain or property (for example, your blog Ohio Has the Best Sports) with content that leads with and focuses on the home team (Browns, Bengals, Buckeyes, Blue Jackets, etc.), we’ll be more optimized than a national source that might have more overall punching power in SEO but can’t compete with your local advantage.

Ben also said that since searches and search results vary by location, things as simple as word order can matter. If you’re a member of Bills Mafia, you’re not going to search “how to watch the cowboys bills game,” you’re going to put your team first! They’re your team, after all. We can cater to these tendencies and localize with content that puts the home team first, literally and figuratively, to ensure that your content ranks well and engages with the intended audience.

Bringing it home

No matter why you’re trying to reach sports fans, you’ll do it better and more efficiently if you speak to them in their language at the right place and time. That’s what Data Skrive is here for.

Our expertly crafted language graphs feature the work of veteran sports writers, and our deliverables are constructed with SEO best practices and user-first principles in mind. This isn’t just a blurb of “naturally generated” language about a game, but a polished, professional-looking article or blog post that translates the available data into something easily readable and full of likely search terms and answers to common questions.

So if you’re struggling to reach local sports audiences with your content, or want to scale up to start spreading your brand’s name in these markets, Data Skrive’s Fan Engagement Solution has what you need.

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