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Content Automation Poised To Revolutionize Sports Betting

Sportsbooks and affiliate networks are constantly exploring the best avenues for acquiring new depositors. While pay-per-click (PPC), online ads, and other marketing initiatives attempt to solve this challenge, content automation is emerging as the key to winning market share.

Legislation enabling sports betting has passed, or is imminent, in 13 states with an additional three-dozen bills considered by the end of 2020. Gambling Compliance believes as many as 34 states by the year 2024 could join the likes of Nevada and New Jersey to the tune of $5.7bn in annual revenue

Now that Google has lifted its ban on advertisements for sports betting in legalized states, sportsbooks must leverage automated content today in lieu of traditional advertising models like PPC or run the risk of following behind. 

Racing To The Top

As sports betting becomes legal in more states — and advertising restrictions loosen — sportsbooks and affiliate sites are going to spend millions to outbid each other on newly deregulated platforms. We have learned from similar situations in other industries, so we expect this to quickly turn into a race to the bottom with competitors trying to outbid it other.  

An attrition warfare approach with PPC will hurt all affiliates and bookmakers that participate. The only winners of this approach are advertising platforms, such as Google and Facebook, that gladly accept elevated advertising bids. 

Sportsbooks and affiliate sites starting a comprehensive SEO strategy today will benefit from a competitive advantage in the future because it takes time to build inventory and demonstrate actual value and improve placement in search engines. 

How is this possible without busting up budgets like the Kool-Aid man breaking through a brick wall?

Automated content is the answer.

Automated Content Is An Ace Up The Sleeve

Some of the biggest news agencies in the world, including The Associated Press, already understand and employ the power of automated content. Automation possesses the ability to scale thousands of unique articles per day.

And we’re not talking about lots of automated content solely for content’s sake. It must be unique and original. Most content automation platforms are Mad Libs on steroids and lack variation and context. 

Automated content provides relevant information for targeted audiences in countless ways. Here are just a few examples of what your audience seeks:

  • Multiple points of views for every sporting event
  • Articles with comprehensive breakdowns of point spreads, over-unders, moneylines, parlays, teasers and future bets
  • Team comparisons with data showcasing insights such as wins, losses, offensive and defensive stats
  • Breaking down historical trends between teams facing off
  • Articles explaining everything from basic betting strategies to advanced approaches
  • Content showing potential audiences why they must gamble at your sportsbook versus competitors

Each new piece of automated content strengthens the value of an affiliate’s or sportsbook’s website and incrementally improves its domain authority. The residual benefits can’t be topped because a single piece of content can produce leads forever, which makes automated content a superior option versus online advertising like pay-per-click campaigns. 

Why? Because PPC campaigns stop producing leads once the budget is exhausted. Sportsbooks can’t spend their way to success because established competitors in the industry have absurd amounts of cash to spend on advertising.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Money spent on advertising is money wasted on advertising. The time to build a viable content strategy is now, so look for automation platforms producing content good enough to fool AI detection systems

Gamblers are creatures of habit, and they will likely continue to place wagers with the first sportsbook that captures their attention. That’s why it’s imperative to get on their radar now with engaging, unique and relevant content, so they’re standing in line at the ticket window the day sports gambling is legal in their state.

Changes are coming, and if sportsbooks don’t develop and execute an automated content strategy today, they’ll spend years to come watching competitors take home the jackpot.

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Jordan Nilsen
Jordan is a co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Data Skrive. He's spent the last 15 years in digital marketing and is always willing to debate the merits of the oxford comma.