Combining Generative AI and Human Marketing Expertise to Bring the Women’s World Cup to the Masses


Here we are at the last installment of our blog series devoted to female athletes: Women in Sports. We are capping it off with a review of the Women’s World Cup.

Keep reading to learn more about the important roles that generative AI, marketing, SEO, and content creation played to expand the reach of all types of media, sports, and betting companies wanting to drive fan engagement from one of the biggest events of the year.

Women’s World Cup: Another Record Event

This year, interest in women’s sports has skyrocketed, breaking previous viewership records for each event. The Women’s World Cup was no exception! This year’s Women’s World Cup delivered in spades, drawing 1.12 billion viewers globally.

In addition to an exhilarating display of football skill, the stage was also set for a ground-breaking demonstration of contemporary marketing, content creation at scale, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics to expand reach and drive engagement. We examine the multifaceted marketing phenomenon that is the Women’s World Cup 2023 and shine a light on the innovative ways in which these strategies are used to strengthen the event and its audience.

Marketing Triumph: From Niche to Mainstream

The Women’s World Cup’s transformation from a small-scale sporting event to a worldwide phenomenon is proof of the value of strong marketing. The women’s tournament has historically struggled to gain the recognition it deserves due to the prominence of its male counterpart. However, with each passing edition, the event’s marketing efforts have been refining their approach to tap into the vast potential of the global audience.

Data Skrive, the world’s top supplier of women’s sports content, recognized this trend early on. In order to capture the thrilling events of the tournament in real-time and make them accessible to football fans when it matters most, we created articles on every player, team, matchup, and more for the Women’s World Cup.

Google Trends showed that interest was strong during the tournament around the world, which ran from July 20–August 20, 2023.


Source: Google Trends: Global Search Interest on “Women’s World Cup” for the past 90 days.

In addition to using content to reach mass audiences, national football associations, collaborating with renowned brands and media partners, employed innovative tactics to maximize reach. The diversity of the marketing approach showcases heartwarming stories of players’ journeys and strategic partnerships with influencers who resonate with younger audiences. Social media platforms became powerful tools for disseminating engaging content, fostering a sense of anticipation and belonging among fans worldwide.

Content Creation at Scale: Captivating Hearts and Minds

One of the pivotal elements behind the Women’s World Cup 2023’s marketing success is how content amplified the event across the world. In the age of digital media and generative AI, content is queen (see what we did there?).

Sports writers adore writing about Cinderella stories, underdogs, upsets, and inspirational tales. Writing about game summaries, player statistics, betting odds, etc. is extremely difficult and, to be honest, a little tedious. But fans and bettors have an almost insatiable appetite for articles that are rich in sports data. Each year, media companies, publishers, brands, and other businesses are having to do more with less. It is difficult to invest in the number of journalists and keep their talent. This is where Data Skrive helps by becoming an addition to a team of journalists and easing the burden of content creation at scale. We free up talented journalists to focus on the topics they love–player profiles, feature stories, historical perspectives, and sports analysis.

We are unmatched in our ability to fill the SERPs with pertinent content that relates to all different kinds of search queries, from broad, all-encompassing terms to narrow, long-tail terms, so fans will always see accurate data across different digital mediums.

For example, many of the top searched queries we saw during the event were “betting odds” on a match. Our content regularly takes the top spots in the SERPS, especially the coveted “Quick Answers,” which ensures maximum exposure for your website. You can see below our content appeared in the Quick Answers and classic organic results for the popular search term “US vs Netherlands odds”:


In addition to the SERPs, fans also interact with content across other digital channels, especially social media. A sense of community is fostered among supporters by user-generated content campaigns, which encourage fans to share their personal experiences. This not only generates organic engagement but also underscores the tournament’s global unity theme. The synergy between professionally crafted content and user-generated contributions serves to create an intricate tapestry of narratives that captivate hearts and minds alike.

SEO: Scoring Big in the Digital Arena

SEO has become an important way to reach the right people in a world where search engines are the norm. The Women’s World Cup 2023 has recognized the significance of SEO in its marketing arsenal, ensuring that enthusiasts searching for related information are met with accurate, relevant, and captivating content.

Data Skrive deciphers user intent and uses that understanding to power SEO-friendly content that encourages high fan engagement. Search queries can be broken down into four buckets:


The user searches for information on a topic.

Example Search Term
When is the women’s world cup?


The user searches for a specific page or website.

Example Search Term
Women’s world cup roster


The user researches option for a product or service.

Example Search Term
Women’s world cup jerseys


The user searches for a specific product or brand.

Example Search Term
Women’s world cup ticket prices

In looking at a sampling of search data from SEMRush during the tournament, a whopping 85% of the search queries were informational. This indicates that users were interested in learning more about the competition. Of those informational queries, 10% were valuable question-based queries like “when is the women’s world cup” and “who won the women’s world cup”.

The real magic lies in the creation of SEO-friendly content. Articles, blog posts, and multimedia content are designed not just to be engaging but also to align with search algorithms. This synergy enables Data Skrive’s content to ascend the search engine rankings, ultimately directing curious users to relevant content–and we do this at scale.

Generative AI: The New Frontier for the Digital Arena

Generative AI has taken center stage this year, facilitating the creation of content at an unprecedented scale. This cutting-edge technology harnesses the power of machine learning algorithms to generate a diverse array of captivating content across multiple platforms.

Data Skrive has been at the forefront of the Generative AI revolution, and we have been closely following and researching the developments in the space. We use the power of Generative AI to supercharge our content creation for our customers.

By using high-quality data sources from sports leagues, our technology creates new content that is developed by seasoned sports journalists and scaled using Generative AI as a “co-pilot” for this content. The latest iterations of Generative AI can effectively be used as “co-pilots” in content generation. Data Skrive’s “pilots,” also known as our content engineers, are all seasoned sports journalists. We’re able to give our models a powerful boost while maintaining a “journalist-led” approach.

For the Women’s World Cup, we created thousands of sports articles across all types of relevant topics like how to watch, match previews, team stats, standings, rankings, odds, and more by using Generative AI to help scale our content.

Final Thoughts: The Women’s World Cup is the Gold Standard

The Women’s World Cup 2023 showcases sports marketing, content creation, and SEO’s evolution. From its humble beginnings to its current global prominence, the event has been driven by innovation, technology, and unrelenting ambition.

What’s special about this Women’s World Cup is its ability to harness the power of modern marketing to bridge gaps, inspire millions, and propel women’s football to unprecedented heights. The strategic convergence of marketing, content, SEO, and Generative AI will continue to set new benchmarks for event promotion, content engagement, and digital discoverability for companies and fans.

Data Skrive will continue to innovate and strive to bring the joy of women’s sports to the masses through fun, educational, and accurate sports content.

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