Automation Supports Newspaper’s Revenue and Subscription Goals While Liberating Journalists to Focus on Value-Added Stories

The Denver Post announced today it has partnered with Data Skrive to provide Colorado high school football fanatics with automated game recaps. The partnership supplies The Denver Post with formerly cost-prohibitive content to help drive revenue and new subscriptions while simultaneously emancipating journalists to work on enterprise and value-added pieces.

The strategic alliance confirms the newspaper’s commitment to local athletes and provides passionate Colorado high school football enthusiasts with extensive postgame narratives and box scores. With economical automation conducting the heavy lifting, The Denver Post can keep more revenue in its coffers to hire new journalists, retain those on staff and assign them to cover the value-added stories they previously lacked time to complete.

“Innovation is critical to driving our growth, and this partnership unlocks an avenue that was previously unrealistic for us,” said Dan Boniface, Digital Director at The Denver Post. “By leveraging the affordable power of automation, we can provide coverage of high school sports games across Colorado that we would never have been able to before, and our talented journalists have the time to focus on stories and human-interest pieces our readers crave.”

“We couldn’t be happier to partner with such a forward-thinking media organization like The Denver Post,” said Brad Weitz, Data Skrive CEO. “In a marketplace where many fear that automation puts humans out of work, we believe automated content provides media publishers with a much-needed stream of revenue that also frees journalists to conduct thorough and imperative work.”

Until now, layoffs and tightening budgets dissolved the resources needed to cover local high school sports despite quantifiable data proving readers possess an insatiable appetite for this category of content. The Denver Post and Data Skrive union demonstrates the value of news for local subscribers, and automation allows writers to do what they do best — cover human interest stories in local communities.