The content pipeline includes graphics, insights, articles, and SEO recommendations to help struggling sports media and publishers.

With COVID-19 bringing sports to a screeching halt, sports media outlets, publishers, and sportsbooks around the globe are coping with a tremendous void. To help fill the vacuum until athletes return to the playing field, Data Skrive is releasing free original content to any sports company looking for additional content.

The free content ranges across sports and includes variety of outputs, including:

  • Social Graphics
  • Player Analysis
  • Betting Insights
  • Trending Search Topics
  • and more…

“In addition to all the families and individuals affected by this dangerous virus, we also see sports-related businesses feeling the pains associated with lost revenue and difficult layoffs,” said Data Skrive CMO, Jordan Nilsen.

“We’ve built a unique technology that allows us to continue producing content by leveraging historic data to create new and relevant articles and graphics at scale. Every time a sports company shutters its doors, we lose a vital member of the community we strive to support through our tech.”

Like Kentucky Derby thoroughbreds, we are charging out of the gate with an abundance of products — all of which are free to download right now.

Here are a few of the most popular:

  • NFL – Top 2019 Quarterback Performances (48 Graphics)
  • NFL – Top 2019 Running Back Performances (55 Graphics)
  • NFL – Top 2019 Wide Receiver and Tight End Performances (153 Graphics)
  • NBA – Top 2019 Performances by Player (323 Graphics)
  • NCAA – WBB Top 2019 Performances by Player (669 Graphics)


Patrick Mahomes

Individual graphics highlight each athlete’s best game during the 2019 campaign and include everything from fantasy points (when applicable), date of her or his top performance, opponent, and essential game stats. 

These 1,245-plus graphics are Data Skrive’s way of helping the sport’s world mitigate the pain and hollowness we’re all feeling during the absences of professional and college athletics. We believe that providing sports media outlets, publishers, and sportsbooks with engaging content that entertains, educates, sparks conversations, informs, and provides fodder for social media can be invaluable during these challenging times.

SEO Recommendations

We developed our SEO Insights to help marketers and content producers determine what topics and keywords to focus on week-to-week. There are plenty of SEO tools on the market but we’ve found most are too basic (they don’t incorporate trending data, paid marketing spend, etc.) or they are too complicated (huge sheets of data that require a data science background to extrapolate actionable information).

Our worksheets are a happy medium, offering a quick glimpse of which topics and keywords are trending plus a tab of the raw data for those who like manipulating the data themselves.

Here’s a handy guide breaking down how to use our SEO Recommendations.

Betting Insights

Betting insights offer a statistical breakdown of how teams perform Against-the-Spread. The insights analyze dozens of offensive and defensive stats to help bettors identify opportunities to improve their odds.

All of the conistent free to download and use without restriction. We simply ask for attribution when using the content online, such as “Powered by Data Skrive,” “#dataskrive,” or “@dataskrive.”

We are just as excited as you are about the return of professional and college athletics. Until then, we hope our free content provides you with the compelling content needed to push forward until sports resume.

-The Data Skrive Team