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Content Automation Examples


is Everything.

We don’t spend a lot of time bragging about the nuances of the amazing technology we’ve pioneered. Why would you care? At the end of the day the only thing that really matters is performance.

The examples below are screenshots of actual searches, and demonstrate the fundamental difference between Data Skrive and other automation companies. We offer performance, whilst others offer tools. 

Our approach is less about creating the slickest technology (though ours is pretty badass), but rather becoming intimately familiar with your business objectives and solutioning answers to your most pressing challenges. As you peruse the following screenshots, ask yourself why other companies don’t have similar examples.


Google's Top Stories

The best result any content creator can hope for is to appear in Google’s Top Stories or Rich Snippets. It’s an extremely rare feat as thousands are competing for only a few prized spots. What’s even more unlikely is dominating Top Stories with a single post that ranks for a variety of keywords.

For clients relying on organic traffic we incorporate Google’s best practices into every post we create. After all, what’s the point of creating copious amounts of content if the audience you’re trying to reach can’t find it?


Sports Betting Content

Producing high-quality content is pretty special; producing millions of high-quality articles a year is amazing. Watching those articles rank atop search engines is great; dominating a competitive vertical like sports and betting is astonishing.

What’s truly satisfying is producing betting content across multiple sports, targeting a variety of keywords, for various clients, and seeing them all rank at the top of search engines.

NFL Draft Content for HERO Sports


Content Ranking For Modifiers Like and More.


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