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46% of Google searches focus on local information, which includes an insatiable appetite for local news. In an industry that has shrunk 40% in the last decade, we help news publishers increase brand awareness, engage with targeted audiences, generate leads and acquire new subscribers.

Regional Publishers

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As readers shift from consuming information online versus in print, regional news publishers must deploy efficiencies across their various properties. Automation produces exceptional content creation and better unit economics to maximize subscriptions and customer retention.

National Media

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National media organizations must scale to compete and thrive, and automation enables the mass production of content currently too impractical and expensive to create. It also frees talented journalists to concentrate on the human-interest pieces computers can’t produce.

“Innovation is critical to driving our growth, and this partnership unlocks an avenue that was previously unrealistic for us,” said Dan Boniface, Digital Director at The Denver Post. “By leveraging the affordable power of automation we can provide coverage of high school sports games across Colorado that we never would have been able to before, and our talented journalists have the time to focus on stories and human-interest pieces our readers crave.”
Dan Boniface
Dan Boniface
Digital Director - Denver Post

Why Publishers Are Turning To Automation

Automation Saves News Jobs

Improved unit economics enables news publishers to curb layoffs and grow newsrooms.

While there is much writing these days about automation putting journalists out of work, the reality is quite different. Because content automation produces budget-friendly stories, publishers possess additional revenue to retain talented and experienced journalists.

Automated Content Increases Subscriptions

Publishers need solutions to combat shrinking subscriber bases, and automation’s ability to produce thousands of pieces of content catering to local audiences drives new subscriptions.

Communities crave news at the local level and are willing to subscribe when content is relevant and provides information not found elsewhere. With volumes of hyper-local content created automatically, readers are more inclined to climb paywalls by subscribing for content that entertains and educates.

Automation Creates "Monetizable" Inventory

Publishers need constant and relevant content to keep readers coming back for more.

When this happens, publishers can require top dollar from advertisers by guaranteeing the ads will reach a targeted and engaged audience. Considering the digital content marketplace could climb to $271 billion by 2024, creating monetizable inventory is critical to a publisher’s bottom line.

Automation Helps Reduce Costs

It’s expensive to produce high-quality content, but automation algorithms minimize costs by converting data into articles without requiring human involvement.

By the time a traditional article is published, paid writers, researchers, designers and editors have devoted time to the process. More human involvement equals more money spent. Automation creates thousands of stories within the hour that no paid staffers can accomplish.

Automation Helps Newsrooms Scale

Newsroom employment declined 25% between 2008 and 2018, but automation helps them scale again by leveraging a consistent influx of appealing and localized content.

With publishing industry employees constantly experiencing layoffs due to diminishing newspaper sales and dwindling subscriptions, newsrooms are treading quicksand to stay afloat. Automation promotes scaling efforts by producing millions of articles per month without hours and hours of labor.

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“Our editors have been impressed with the quality of the content being generated through this technology and the robust sports knowledge of the Data Skrive team.”
Berry Bedlan
Barry Bedlan
Director of Vertical Products – Associated Press
Barry Bedlan Final Four

How Content Automation Works

We’re frequently asked, “How does the Data Skrive platform work?” The simple answer is our platform translates raw data into content that appears to be written by a person.

The reality is the content we produce is written entirely by machines. Machines so well programmed that the content produced is indistinguishable from content created by professional writers.

The Data

Data Skrive takes the data publishers collect, or have access to as a news organization, and ingests it into our content automation platform. Our algorithms translate the data into text or images. Whether it’s scores, stats, financials, earnings reports, sales data, census information or voting history, we can create high-quality content.


The Content

Utilizing raw data, we create high-quality custom content tailored to solve specific business goals – sales, leads, impressions, education or awareness.

We deliver text-only insights, long-form articles, infographics, lists, comparisons, or social posts.

The Content

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