College Athletic Departments

Automated content enables athletic programs to recruit better talent, reduce overtime, sell tickets, and engage donors

Athletic Directors

Athletic Directors

If athletic alumni don’t hear from you, they don’t contribute. Consistently reach your donors with content that facilitates engagement and drives revenue.

Sports Information Directors

Sports Information Directors

Using Data Skrive to automate content frees up your time to focus on the things that truly drive engagement like interviews, features, social, and video.

Coaches & Staff


Our content helps coaches recruit better athletes by creating content that highlights the successes of your program, perfect for sharing via social or email.

“UC Davis Athletics is excited to partner with Data Skrive as we seek to grow our brand and communicate the success of our athletic programs. This partnership enables our media relations staff to focus on personal storytelling and creative media while the game previews and results get done in a time efficient manner.”

Rocko DeLuca
Rocko DeLuca
Deputy Director of Athletics - UC Davis

“Our editors have been impressed with the quality of the content being generated through this technology and the robust sports knowledge of the HERO Sports team.”

Berry Bedlan
Barry Bedlan
Director of Sports Products – Associated Press

UC Davis Example

UC Davis competes at the NCAA division 1 level and supports 23 varsity teams from baseball to water polo.

With so many teams to cover and limited resources, it’s difficult to provide adequate coverage for all teams.

UC Davis recognizes the value of creating content across all 23 teams in order to improve recruiting, drive ticket sales, and engage athletic alumni to financially support athletics.

How It Works

  • Immediately after the game ends you send the post game XML to HERO
  • HERO loads and normalizes the data in the XML file
  • HERO processes the game Recap and loads to a data feed (web URL)
  • You copy/paste the content to your site. You can add images, quotes, video or anything else you think will spice it up.
UC Davis Automated News

The Savings

Automated Finance Content

By automating core content (previews, game stories, etc.), you’re able to provide exposure to all your teams, while also freeing up your staff to spend more time on the material your younger fans and alumni crave – video, social media, etc.

The Revenue

Automated Finance Content

There are plenty of ways to leverage the content we produce for you to generate revenue. You can engage alumni & donors, sell sponsorships to accompany the content, or simply monetize the content through ads.

Engage Athletic Alumni and Donors

Athletic Alumni

Former athletes are one of the most eager groups to “give back” through financial gifts. Former athletes are more likely to participate in fundraising campaigns when they are engaged through regular contact, especially with news about the sport they competed in.

Cover All Sports With Limited Staff

Expand Coverage

Before Data Skrive automated college sports content it was unreasonable to expect overworked sports information directors to adequately cover every sport. With our content automation platform you can cover every sport, every day.

Recruit Prospects More Effectively

Prospect Recruiting

When not running practices, or executing plays during games, coaches spend most of their time evaluating talent and recruiting prospects. The content we create offers coaches and their staff an easy method for highlighting the successes of their teams.